Consul General Thomas E. Schultze talks to York University Students

Consul General Thomas Schultze speaks at York University

Consul General Thomas Schultze speaks at York University, © German Consulate Toronto

01.04.2019 - Article

One of the event highlights in March was the Consul General’s talk and Q&A at York University in Toronto. DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor Jenny Wüstenberg invited Consul General Schultze to her class titled “Nationalism, Authority and Resistance: Perspectives on German Culture and Society”.

Mr. Schultze opened his talk by explaining important points of his diplomatic career, tying them to the various forms of multilateralism on an EU, OECD and NATO level. The approximately 90 students in the room listened attentively and had a lot of questions for him. The prevailing theme was the relevance and challenge of compromise – something that is both indispensable and often hard to achieve in a highly globalized world. Brexit, migration, and a diversified political landscape are transforming diplomacy and multilateralism. What is the future of the EU in light of Brexit? How is Germany’s society changing with the arrival of many refugees? Is Germany adequately addressing its past? Why are right-wing voices becoming louder? How is memory culture being lived today?

During the engaged discussion the students were not afraid to ask critical and controversial questionswith the Consul General thoughtfully answering all of them and obviously enjoying the student environment, walking around in the lecture hall, sitting casually on desks while listening to comments and questions.
The abiding interest in issues related to Germany’s position in the world today was great to see (and hear). Thank you to Professor Jenny Wüstenberg and her team for bringing us together with her engaged student body. We loved being there!

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