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30.01.2020 - Article

Let’s take an innovative spin on our kids education, the #Germanapproach. If you want your children to learn a second language and benefit from a curriculum built on innovation, independency and creativity, check out the ideas of @germaninternationalschooltoronto and its North American partners.

In a world that continues to become more interconnected and complex by the day, the gift of fluency in multiple languages provides a distinct advantage.

Inspired by the German education model, eight schools in North America are actively

providing students this unique opportunity of a bilingual immersion education accredited by the German government. This German educational model places emphasis on developing independence in children, encourages critical thinking, supports children taking ownership for their learning process, and promotes the development of creative problem-solving skills. To aid parents in learning more about the benefits and values of this model, the eight Schools developed a collaborative website. The website highlights both the German Approach to education as well as the German International Abitur, an internationally-recognized honours diploma, that is an indication of excellence to colleges and universities across the United States and Europe.

“The joint website of the North American German Schools [...] offers a variety of examples and insights into the everyday life of the schools. This platform highlights the advantages and strengths of the German Abitur and helps to open the doors to German school education abroad even more for interested families”, says Dorothée Bauni from the German Ministry of Education, who is responsible for the inspections of German Schools abroad.

The eight German Schools of North America are:

German International School Washington D.C., German International School New York,

German School Brooklyn, German International School Portland, German International School of Silicon Valley, German International School Toronto, German International School Montreal as well as German International School Boston.

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