Coming Up - March 8: International Women's Day Actions in Germany, Canada and around the world

Demo zum internationalen Frauenkampftag

Frauen demonstrieren am 08.03.2014 in Berlin und halten dabei ein Transparent. Mehrere hundert Teilnehmer sind dem Aufruf unter dem Motto “Still loving feminism” gefolgt, um am “Internationalen Frauenkampftag” mit einer Demonstration von Gesundbrunnen zum Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz für die Rechte der Frauen zu protestieren. Foto: Florian Schuh/dpa | Verwendung weltweit, © dpa

27.02.2019 - Article

Berlin was the first German Bundesland to recognize March 8th, the International Women’s Day, as a public holiday. First introduced in 2019, it will be a day off work and school starting this March but also a day full of events and conferences around the world.

Since 1958, women and men are considered officially equal by German law. Nonetheless, lots remain to be done. The Foreign Office is one of many institutions in Germany promoting workplace equality and several measures have been taken to strengthen the female workforce: Since 2016, a mentoring program for young women in the Foreign Service helps female diplomats to seek guidance and experience of their older female peers as well as supporting women to apply for diplomatic positions such as consuls or ambassadors. In internal correspondence, emphasis is being put on gender-inclusive language, and we are using the descriptors “female, male and diverse” in job postings. In a very recent step further, the Foreign Office declared a 30% female participation benchmark at all events hosted by the Foreign Office.
There are also interesting academic offers popping up in the German university landscape related to gender equality: the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University Berlin) started a new graduate program in the fall of 2019 on “Gender, Intersectionalism and Politics”, which addresses pressing issues in regards to gender equality. Yet another project in Germany worth mentioning is the “Female Future Day”, a conference especially geared towards women, initiated by the Berlin-based online magazine Edition F.
For all IWD action, in Berlin, Toronto or all over the world, please check:

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