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15.01.2020 - Article

How do we keep the memory and the stories alive when the survivor generation is gone? There are fewer than 100,000 Jews still alive today, who were in camps, ghettos and living secretly under Nazi occupation, according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

These aging survivors are the last generation of witnesses to the Holocaust. Who will tell their stories when these survivors are no longer able to?

#IWillTellYourStory is a social media campaign designed to inspire and engage people of all ages, backgrounds and religions to publish a spoken or written promise to continue telling the story of a specific Holocaust Survivor. This is done through posting a short video and/or a photograph and caption.

The German Consulate Toronto supports Liberation75's campaign. Please watch our short documentary “Stumbling Stones. Every Stone has its story.” for some of the stories, we would like to tell.

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