Germany Chairs International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance 2020/21



27.05.2020 - Article

The Federal Republic of Germany faces up to its responsibility that arises from the murder, by Germans, of millions of Jews, Sinti and Roma, and members of other groups on the basis of the National Socialist ideology of destruction.

By assuming the IHRA chairmanship during this year of commemoration in 2020, Germany is sending a signal that it wishes to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against antisemitism and distortion of the Holocaust. In so doing, Germany is building on the commitment that the 34 member countries entered into when, on 19 January 2020 under the Luxembourg chairmanship, they adopted the IHRA Ministerial Declaration, which states

[We] accept our responsibility as governments to continue working together to counter Holocaust denial and distortion, antisemitism, and all forms of racism and discrimination that undermine fundamental democratic principles. We will work closely with experts, civil society and our international partners to further these Goals.

For further information: https://ihra2020.diplo.de/ihra-en/deutscher-vorsitz

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