Coming Up - Nov 12: Facts, feelings and truth. A mid-pandemic look at the media. The (virtual) German Canadian Media Symposium.

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01.04.2019 - Article

With a collaborative problem solving approach, and with the floor always open for questions and comments, this virtual symposium explores a cross-pollination of perspectives and tools from German and Canadian media professionals.

The Covid-19 pandemic marks not only the beginning of an unprecedented era of disease, economic hardship and mental health challenges, it also proving to amplify existing economic and societal inequities. Through the pandemic lens, class disparities, alienation, the impact of populist media and divisiveness have become more apparent than ever; feelings are replacing facts, fear is overshadowing truth. What is the media’s role in this mid-pandemic world of populism and fear-driven narratives where we risk abandoning the mainstream and retreating into extremes that could endanger our democracies? How should the media advance the collective conversation in pursuit of constructive solutions?

Facts, Feelings and Truth: a Mid-Pandemic Look at the Media features journalists from Berlin, Germany, Washington DC and Toronto. Moderated by Jessica Johnson, Executive Editor of Walrus magazine, with Special guest Roland Nelles, Chief Correspondent, Washington Bureau, Der Spiegel.

November 12, 2020. 1 pm EST. 7 pm MEZ

No pre-registration required; just click to join:


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