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HEW 2022

HEW 2022, © Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre

27.10.2022 - Article

After three years, the Holocaust Education Centre is returning to in person events as they present Neuberger Holocaust Education Week (HEW) 2022.

It is our great pleasure to support once again this very important project. For more than 40 years, Neuberger Holocaust Education Week has provided high quality and high impact Holocaust education programming across the GTA to students, intercultural groups and the general public.

This year’s event “The Future Is Here” will be featuring a range of programs that include live performances, lectures, panels, book and film premieres. Highlights include a discussion with Sir Richard J. Evans, author of “The Hitler Conspiracies”, and a celebration of Rabbi Erwin Schild, Holocaust survivor from Germany and holder of the Order of Canada and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

A number of events will also be available online, either as live streams or recordings on the Virtual J Holocaust Education Week Channel.

We are looking forward to this exemplary work in the field of Holocaust education. Join us in support of HEW and remembrance of the Holocaust from November 2 until November 9, 2022 and register here for in person attendance.

For more information about streaming options, please visit: HEW 2022: The Future is here.

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