SchützFest 350

SchützFest 350, © SchützFest350/Christoph Spätner

27.10.2022 - Article

SchützFest350 - A festival to mark the 350th anniversary of German Baroque composer Heinrich Schütz’s death.

SchützFest350 presents the music of Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) over two weekends in the Ontario cities of Hanover, Dundas, Waterloo and Toronto as interpreted by local Canadian musicians. Performers include Jonathon Adams, the first Indigenous artist-in-residence at the U of T Faculty of Music; the Nota Bene Players and Singers; the U of T Theatre of Early Music and the U of T Schola Cantorum; the Gallery Players of Niagara; and the Toronto Chamber Choir.

Extend your knowledge and build your interest in this Early Baroque composer, who in his lifetime was called the “Father of our modern music” in Germany, as we celebrate his incredible life and work.

Save the dates for SchützFest350: November 4- 13, 2022 and visit Schützfest for tickets and further information.

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