Study Visit on Holocaust Education and Remembrance Culture in Germany


Holocaust-Mahnmal, © Berlin.de

07.06.2023 - Article

We are honoured to announce an exclusive study visit organized by the German Consulate in Toronto to support Holocaust education in schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA

This exceptional opportunity is given to a group of Ontario educators who are determined to bring Holocaust education into their school boards and foster inclusive communities through their efforts to promote historical understanding.

The study visit revolves around the crucially important topic of Holocaust Education and Remembrance Culture, with the aim of facilitating knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices between educational professionals in Ontario and their counterparts in Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany places great value in its commitment to remembering the most heinous crimes of the past in order to build a better future for all of us.

This unique opportunity arises from the recent decision by the province of Ontario to introduce mandatory Holocaust Education in grade 6, which will begin from the 2023/2024 school year. The study visit will take place during the first week of July, allowing participants to delve into a comprehensive program that promises an enriching experience. Their itinerary includes various engaging activities such as meetings with German educational professionals, school visits, meetings and discussions with political officials dedicated to Holocaust Education and combating Anti-Semitism, interactions with influential Jewish organizations, and visits to significant museums and sites of remembrance.

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn about both innovative and well-tested teaching methodologies, and explore different perspectives on Holocaust education. This visit will not only deepen their knowledge but also provide inspiration and practical strategies to enhance Holocaust Education in Ontario.

Together, let us seize this opportunity to deepen our understanding, commemorate the past, and inspire a future free from hatred and discrimination.

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