Why Work, Live or Study in Germany?

Young family having fun together in pool

Young family having fun together in pool, © Colourbox


  • Economic strength: one of the largest and productive economies of the world, offering prospects for your career in a large variety of sectors, companies and fields of work. You can rely on a stable economic and political foundation.
  • High-quality education: Germany not only has excellent universities which have low tuition fees in comparison to those in other countries, but also good schools, a highly respected vocational education system and a plethora of options for life-long further education.
  • High-level insurance cover against everyday risks of life: Germany is known for its comprehensive social security system which provides an extensive amount of cover in case of illness, accidents and unemployment, as well as old age.
  • High quality of life and support for families: Germany not only offers the same career opportunities for women and men, but also a family-friendly environment.
  • Inclusion and equality: Germany makes an effort to put a comprehensive discrimination ban into practise and promotes the equality of all people, regardless of their age, (dis-)ability, skin colour, religion or gender.
  • Diverse culture and wide-ranging offers: Immerse yourself in Germany’s cultural diversity, ranging from historic architecture to lively festivals and Christmas markets.
  • Safety and freedom: Experience safety and freedom in a country known for its stable legal system and the protection of individual rights to freedom.

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