Death of a Beneficiary (Compensation Payment)


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When a beneficiary passes away the compensation authority needs to be informed without delay. It will then discontinue the payments. The information can either be forwarded by the relatives or by the competent German foreign mission in Canada.

The following information is required by the compensation authority:

- death certificate of the beneficiary (simple copy)
- name at birth of the pension recipient
- date and place of birth
- name and file number of the compensation authority
- name and contact details of the executor.

Click here for a contact list of all German compensation authorities from the website of the Restitution Office (Amt für Wiedergutmachung) in Saarburg, Germany

If the German foreign mission shall forward the information to the compensation authority, please send the above mentioned information by mail to the compenent German foreign mission.

Compensation pensions are paid monthly in advance. These payments end upon expiry of the month in which the beneficiary dies. Pension payments which are made after this time must be paid back to the compensation authority. All cheques or other forms of payments received after the death of the pension beneficiary are to be returned to the compensation authority. Please note that even after notification of the death it can still take several weeks until payments are stopped due to banking procedures. Such payments are also to be transferred back to the compensation authorities.

Social assistance for funeral costs

A claim for reimbursement of transportation and funeral costs to a reasonable extent is only given when a specific infliction due to persecution has been recognised and health treatment has been granted in accordance with the Federal German Restitution Law [BEG] and it has been established that the deceased person has died as a result of this infliction.
Please note that overpayments as described above still have to be paid back to the compensation authority and can not be charged up against the funeral costs.

For further details please contact the responsible compensation authority directly:

List of German compensation authorities (website of the Restitution Office)

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