Compensation Payments (Wiedergutmachung)


Shortly after Word War II, Germany passed a law on restitution (Bundesentschädigungsgesetz). On the basis of this law many persons who were persecuted by the Nazi-Regime continue receive monthly compensation payments.

Compensation payments are made by several different authorities. If you have any questions with regards to your compensation payment, or you changed your address, or you wish to pass on other information to the compensation authority, please contact it directly. Please refer to the list of compensation offices on the right.
Please be informed that the German foreign missions in Canada do not offer any counseling on compensation pension.

Information on compensation for work in a ghetto can be found here.

Brochure “Wiedergutmachung: Provisions relating to compensation for National Socialist injustice”

As the official language in Germany is German, you might receive information from your Pension Authority in German only. Please kindly understand that the German foreign missions in Canada cannot offer translation services.

Applicaton deadlines for compensation pensions expired at the end of 1969. Should you still want to make a claim, please contact the following authority:

Zentrale Auskunftsstelle zur Wiedergutmachung Nationalsozialistischen Unrechts

(Central inquiry office of the German Federal Ministry of Finance)

Bundesfinanzdirektion West
Arbeitsbereich RF 42 C
Wörthstrasse 1-3
50668 Köln


(Tel.: ++49-221-37 99 30)

Jewish Claims Conference
1359 Broadway
Room 2000
New York, NY 10018

Ph: 646-536-9100
Fax: 212-679-2126

E-mail: info@claimscon.org

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The government of Germany has committed through an agreement signed with the Claims Conference at a public ceremony, to continue compensation payments to eligible Holocaust survivors and providing funding for homecare for victims. Claims are administered by the Jewish Claims Conference.

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