Life Certificates


​​​​​​​Please check the back of your life certificate for detailed information on the administrative process

Recipients of a German pension are required to submit a “Declaration for Further Collection of Pension from the Federal Republic of Germany (life certificate)” to the pension authority once a year. The form is mailed directly to the pensioner by the competent pension authority in Germany.

You have to return the signed and certified form directly to the pension authority in Germany on time. The deadline to return the form is indicated in the top right-hand corner of the life certificate form. If the pension authority does not receive the life certificate before the deadline, a reminder and a second form are sent out. If you fail to submit the second form before the new deadline, your pension will be suspended.

Your signature on the life certificate needs to be certified. If the pensioner is unable to sign it, the holder of a valid power of attorney can sign instead. Please make sure to provide the pension authority with a copy of the relevant power of attorney.

The authorities that are authorized to certify your signature are listed on the form. These are, for example:

-a Canadian notary public

-Human Resources and Social Development Canada/Service Canada

-a bank manager

We highly recommend to contact one of the above mentioned authorities for certification.

Please note that in some cases, additional certification/legalisation may be required by a German Foreign Mission (Embassy, Consulate or a German Honorary Consul). If this is the case, it will be clearly indicated on the form.

If additional certification is required, you can mail duly filled forms, certified by one of the above mentioned authorities, to the competent German Foreign Mission for further processing. The pensioner does not have to come in person for this additional certification. No additional legalisations (e.g. by Document Services) are necessary. The German mission processes life certificates in pension matters free of charge.

In exceptional cases, your signature can also be certified directly at a German consulate in Canada. If you choose to have your signature certified at a consulate, you will have to present yourself in person with a valid proof of identity and citizenship (e.g. a passport).


The German Foreign Missions are no longer authorized to forward your life certificate to Germany. Please send your life certificate directly to the respective German pension authority.

German pension authorities usually send out the form until July of each year. Should you not have received your life certificate by that time, please contact your Pension Authority directly, as the German missions are not involved in this process.

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