Missing compensation payment


If you did not receive your compensation payment, you have to inform your compensation authority directly. As there are ten different compensation authorities in Germany, you first of all need to know the name of your compentent compensation authority. This can be found on any letter that you received from the compensation authority. Contact details of the compensation authorities can be found at the bottom of this site.

Please state your file number, date of birth, and the month, for which you did not receive your compensation payment, in your letter to the compensation authority. Please note, that compensation pensions are paid monthly in advance.
Example: The payment, that you receive at the end of December or beginning of January is for January.

Technical banking or postal difficulties can lead to slight delays. Only when your pension payment has not arrived by the middle of the month you should contact your compensation authority.

Contact list of all German compensation authorities from the website of the Restitution Office (Amt für Wiedergutmachung) in Saarburg, Germany

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