Certified copies


Stempel, © Liesson/photothek.net

04.04.2018 - Article

Certifications of copies can be made by consular officers and honorary consuls if the original of a document is presented and the document is required by authorities in Germany.

For the certification of a copy, please bring:

  • the original documents
  • copies of the original document which need to be certified
  • the fee (payment in cash or by credit card)

The current fee for the certification of a set of a maximum of 10 photocopies is approx. 16, -CAD (depending on the exchange rate). No fee is charged for pension- and citizenship-related certifications.

Please note that certifying a copy does not mean that foreign documents or certificates will be automatically accepted by German authorities. To confirm the authenticity of a foreign public document, it is necessary to legalize the document.