Certified copies


Certifications of copies can be made by consular officers and honorary consuls if the original of a document is presented and the document is required by authorities in Germany.

In person (by appointment only)By mail
Please bring:
  • the original documents
  • no copies are needed as the Consulate has to make them
  • the fee (see below)
Please send:

  • cover letter with your contact information (phone number, e-mail)
  • self-addressed and prepaid return envelope

Fee: (per document)


  • payable in Canadian Dollars only by money order or bank draft, made out to “German Consulate Toronto” or “German Consulate Vancouver” (personal checks or checks with other denominations cannot be accepted)

Processing time for mailed in requests: 1-2 weeks

No fee is charged for pension- and citizenship-related certifications (if submitted in person - for Germany, e.g. supporting documents for German citizenship or pension applications).

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