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Passport appointments

I do not manage to get a passport appointment- what can I do?

If you need your passport in order to:

Renew a work/ study permit or a PR card which will expire in the near future


If you need your passport in order to return to Germany (i.e. in order to take up employment or study)


If you have any other mandatory travel reason (no holiday trip!)

you are kindly asked to check our appointment system at short intervals for appointments which regularly become available on short notice. When booking, please do not forget to mention the nature of the urgency of your application. Should this be of no avail for some time and you deem your case to be urgent, you may contact the passport section via our contact form: Contact in consular matters submitting specific information supporting the urgency of your case. Please take note that unspecified inquiries can unfortunately not be answered.

My application does not meet the priorities- what can I do in order to obtain a passport for travelling to Germany?

In principle, a passport can also be applied for outside the jurisdiction of a passport authority, such as in Germany. Before doing so, please make sure that you have a confirmation for your appointment. Please take note that there will be additional fees for processing your application out of the jurisdiction of the German passport authority. It is by all means recommended to check with the airline if you will be allowed to board with a passport expired less than one year ago. In particular for holders of another citizenship it might well be worth the effort to contact the airline and to apply for the passport in Germany.

If your application is a first time application it is advisable to use the waiting time until you will be able to book an appointment in order to compile the application and the supporting documents. If it is a first time application for a minor, please take note of the possibility to apply for a German birth certificate. Information regarding passport applications are available here.


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