Passport fees

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The fee is to be paid at the time of your application at the German Mission. You may pay the fee with credit card (Visa or Mastercard, the amount will be charged in Euro) or in cash in CAD. (Payments for passport applications during a consular week can only be accepted in cash.)

Checks cannot be accepted. Cash payment in Euro is not possible. As the exchange rate is regularly adjusted, the fees may vary.

Passport Fees

payable in CAD at the current exchange rate

Passport fees

Regular passport (24 years and older)

Regular passport (younger than 24 years)
Child's passport (12 years and younger, 1-year validity)
Temporary passport (1-year validity)


Expedited service
Passport with additional pages (a total of 48 pages)

Additional charge if you are currently registered (“gemeldet”) in Germany or if you live outside of jurisdiction of the German Mission

up to 60,00
Applications made at an Honorary Consul's Office

Change of Residence

Additional content

Is this your first application for a German passport or did your last German passport expire more than 15 years ago? Please read the following information.

First Time Application for Adults

Do you still have a valid German passport or has your last German passport expired no longer than 15 years ago? Here you can find out how to apply for your new biometric passport.

Passport for Adults - Renewal

Children require their own travel documents when traveling to other countries. All passport applications must be filed in person, this includes children.

Passports for Minors (First Time Applications and Renewals)

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