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Icesculture 2021 Wine Tourism in Germany

Icesculture 2021 Wine Tourism in Germany, © German Consulate Toronto

04.02.2021 - Article

Hello and welcome, fellow Reisende!
We are glad to find you interested in travelling to Germany.
Germany has so much to offer for the culture and history seeking tourist that it is hard to choose one destination over the other.

One of the hidden gems of German tourism are the historic cities along the rivers Rhine and Mosel. Picture yourself, instead of standing in the wintery cold of Toronto, on deck of one of Germany's river cruise ships - you are slowly gliding along the river Rhine, cities like Cologne, Koblenz, Mainz passing by.

The Rhine flows past the Lorelei, a spectacular landmark, between Bingen and Bonn, and through the landscape of the Middle Rhine Valley. The southern part of this cultural landscape sculpted by vineyards has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Visitors hoping for a clear view of the picturesque landscape dotted with castles and tranquil vineyards should set off for a walk along the Rheinsteig hiking trail or attend one of the Rhine in Flames events that are held multiple times throughout the summer.

There's something special about the places where German wines are made. Pampered by the climate, noble vines feel at home in the rich soils of the 13 wine-growing regions. Interested? Why not cross the country, sampling everything from crisp Rieslings right through to floral Pinot Noirs along the way? Come and visit as soon as you can!

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