What makes German wine so special?

Screenshot Anne Krebiehl Webinar

Screenshot Anne Krebiehl Webinar, © http://germanwinecanada.com/

22.10.2020 - Article

Germany might be the most misunderstood wine country on the planet. Hobbled by a difficult wine law, labelling conventions that are nothing but quixotic to non-German speakers and still settled with a residual Liebfraumilch image, German wine is confusing, even for experts.

But despite this baggage Germany today is a vibrant, creative and progressive wine country that grows more than 130 wine varieties. Especially rivers like Mosel, Rhein and Saar and slopes to temper the extremes of the weather and help the grapes ripen are important to German viticulture. Germany is one of the most northerly wine-growing countries in the world. The growing season is long with a balance of rainfall and sunshine. This enables Grapes to ripen slowly and, thus, maintaining their fruity, acidity while developing a natural sugar and absorbing Minerals from the ground. Anne Krebiehl, a master of German wine, is an expert on the uniqueness of German wine.

Watch the Webinar with sommelier Anne Krebiehl to learn more about #WinesofGermany.


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