Katharina Wechsler, portrait of a young German Winemaker

Katharina Wechsler

Katharina Wechsler, © Weinfurore.de

22.10.2020 - Article

A new generation of young German winemakers wins international appraisal. Hence, let us introduce you to one of them: Katharina Wechsler.

Katharina is a sensation among the established winemakers in Rheinhessen with her straight wines. “My philosophy is to produce authentic wines full of character that make you want to take the next sip. The focus is on elegance and finesse. Being a winemaker has a lot to do with intuition and trust. For me, less is more in the cellar. More important to me is the care of the vineyards, because only there a great individual wine can be created.” Katharina's career path was not always straightforward and that she would one day be a winemaker and live in the country was unimaginable for a long time. It was only after an absence of eleven years from her hometown that her interest in wine and her attachment to her parents' vineyard prevailed and she began training as a winemaker at the age of 30. A career change that was definitely worthwhile!


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