Ich bin Sophie Scholl - IG Project on the life of Sophie Scholl

Ich bin Sophie Scholl

Ich bin Sophie Scholl, © Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen ARD

12.07.2021 - Article

A social media project by German public media SWR and BR provides insights into her life on the Instagram account @ichbinsophiescholl: first love, beginning of studies, resistance. Watch the trailer here (in German language only) or visit the IG project.

On May 4, 1942, Sophie Scholl moves to Munich, where she begins to study biology and philosophy. In 2021, Sophie Scholl will post something on Instagram every day for ten months - until her arrest in February. The campaign is a joint project of SWR and BR.

“Ich bin Sophie Scholl” - mixes fictional and documentary elements.
Users are up close and personal, as if in real time, when Sophie has her first contact with the resistance group, but also when she celebrates her birthday or thinks of her friend Fritz. The historical person Sophie Scholl comes alive again and interacts with her users - with all available means. “We also post historical archive material in the feed. Pictures of Munich, cityscapes, but also pictures of the book burning,” says Gerhardt. “The story is not only told through fictional scenic material, but through very different ways.” Not only does archival material come into play, but the Instagram channel also plays with current references. For example, Sophie receives a birthday package on May 9, with honey cake, a lice comb and disinfectant. “Everyone immediately thinks of today, of the pandemic - we play a bit with today in then.”

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