COVID-19 Regulations affecting your Christmas travel

Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Covid-19 / Coronavirus, © Colourbox


Are you travelling to Germany for Christmas? Please read the following information on vaccination status and restrictions in Germany. As well, make sure to consult the Health Ministry of the Federal State you are travelling to as restrictions vary.

There is a general obligation to carry a COVID status when entering Germany. Persons aged twelve years and older must then have proof of testing, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination when entering Germany. A negative test may be no more than 72h (PCR test) or 48h (rapid antigen test) old at the time of entry.

Detailed information on vaccination status, restrictions, testing and masking in Germany are available here





Make sure to consult the Health Ministry of the Federal State  you are travelling to as restrictions vary from Federal State  to Federal State. Access to accommodation, leisure, culture and sports events may be subject to the Federal State recognizing a vaccination certificate from a Canadian province to be equivalent to an EU Digital COVID Certificate. Respective information is available at the websites of the German Federal State (Bundesland) you are travelling to.

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