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Let’s get out this spring to discover Toronto’s German roots with our immersive audio walk  #GermanWalkTO. This project was realized in partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University Library, Toronto author Shawn Micallef and acclaimed visual journalist Liam Maloney.

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, and many of them have a deep and layered ethnic history. While Germans in Toronto don’t have one particular neighbourhood to call their own, German influence can be found across the city – hidden and not always obvious. Born out of the city tours that the German Consulate Toronto organizes twice a year with local city tour guides, #GermanWalkTO is an initiative by the German Consulate General Toronto in partnership with the Toronto Metropolitan University Library, Toronto urbanist Shawn Micallef and acclaimed visual journalist Liam Maloney. 

#GermanWalkTO is a virtual scavenger hunt of Toronto’s German roots, a collection of city walks, divided into three thematic walks that guide the urban explorer through different parts of the city while pointing out and explaining some of Toronto’s often hidden German treasures. The immersive audio walks lead through GPS-triggered coordinates of each German sight for a fully self-guided experience.

To start exploring visit https://germanwalkto.com/ and download the Echoes App here.

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