Greetings from the Consul General

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Consul General Marc Eichhorn© Susanne Eichhorn

​​​​​​​Dear readers of the newsletter of the German Consulate in Vancouver, dear fellow countrymen,

The new year has arrived and I hope you are all well, healthy, and have a positive outlook for 2023!

The past year presented challenges for our two countries, Canada and Germany, which will continue to accompany us in the new year. Some of these challenges did not turn out as badly as expected. For example, Germany did not experience the expected blackout because there was enough energy available, neither does the current trend expect such a blackout in 2023. In other areas, we have recognized our weaknesses, such as in the supply of essential medications, but it will take some time to address the associated deficits. In our two countries, we have not yet overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, but it looks as though the worst is over and we have learned to live with the epidemic.

Unfortunately, the terrible war in Ukraine remains, with no end in sight, and as long as Russia continues its war of aggression, causing suffering and death to the people of Ukraine, we will not be able to breathe a sigh of relief. We will have to continue to have stamina, not just Canada and Germany, but I have no doubt that we will. In the end, justice, freedom, and self-determination will prevail, which are indispensable prerequisites and foundations of a dignified existence.

In 2023, the German Consulate in Vancouver will remain your reliable point of contact and I look forward to the dialogue with you. The vastness of Canada and the size of the district for which we are responsible sometimes make this a little complicated, but modern communication tools do help, even though nothing can replace personal contact. To intensify this contact, I will, as I did last year, travel within the district of the Consulate as often as possible and hope to meet as many of you as possible. This dialogue is important to me and I ask you to seek this dialogue on your part as well. We will not be able to realize and implement everything, for which I ask for your understanding, but my colleagues and I will always have an open ear for your concerns.

I look forward to the year with you and wish you luck and success in what lies ahead. And above all, stay healthy!



Marc Eichhorn
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Curriculum Vitae

Consul General Marc Eichhorn
Born 1962 in Backnang.

Secondary School Examination, Stuttgart
1982/10 – 1983/10
Military Service, Ulm
1983/10 – 1986/03
Economics studies, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim
1986/04 – 1991/04
History and Roman languages studies, University of Heidelberg
1991/05 – 1993/04

Training at the diplomatic service school, German Foreign Office, Bonn

1993/05 – 1993/07
Language training Polish, Bonn/Warsaw
1993/08 – 1993/10
UN arms control programme, Geneva, Switzerland
1993/11 – 1996/10
Desk officer, German Embassy Warsaw, Poland
1996/11 – 1999/07
Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Bonn
1999/08 – 2002/06
Desk officer, German Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, Japan
2002/07 – 2005/06
Desk officer, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2005/07 – 2006/01
Head diplomatic extension office Herat, German Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan
2006/02 – 2010/06
Deputy head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2010/07 – 2012/04
Deputy head of mission, German Consulate General Los Angeles, USA
2012/05 – 2013/06
Deputy head of mission, German Embassy Tripolis, Libya
2013/07 – 2015/06
Desk officer, German Embassy London, United Kingdom
2014/01 – 2014/03
Acting head of mission, German Embassy Sana´a, Yemen
2015/07 – 2017/07
Head of mission, German Consulate General Erbil, Iraq
2017/08 – 2021/07
Head of division, German Foreign Office, Berlin
2021/08 – 2022/06
Secondment, German Interior Ministry, Berlin

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