Happy Birthday, German Grundgesetz

Copies of the German Grundgesetz

Copies of the German Grundgesetz, © Pixabay

01.05.2019 - Article

The Grundgesetz (Basic Law) is the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since it came into effect on May 23, 1949, we are celebrating its 100th anniversary this month.

Providing human rights, democratic values, republicanism, social responsibility, and federalism, the Grundgesetz created a stable political order that enabled the republic to thrive. The first of the 146 articles declares that “Human dignity shall be inviolable”. Today, some constitutional experts are arguing the Grundgesetz should be modernized to reflect current developments such as the digital revolution, climate change, migration, and globalization. Nevertheless, the Grundgesetz has stood the test of time thanks to a wealth of amendments that have prevented it from petrifying.

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