Coming Up - Oct 3rd: Movie “Bornholmer Strasse”, Winnipeg

Movie Poster Bornholmer Strasse

Movie Poster Bornholmer Strasse, © GCC

27.09.2019 - Article

The movie “Bornholmer Strasse” (2014) tells the story of the opening of the German-German border from the perspective of East German border guards at the checkpoint where it all started.

It is the evening of November 9, 1989. East German border crossing guards try to prevent a dog from “illegally” entering into West Berlin at the checkpoint Bornholmer Street. What seems like a joke is the prelude to serious events that were unfolding that night. Günter Schabowski (a political Party boss in East Berlin) announced on TV that travelling privileges for East German citizens would “take effect immediately, without delay.” Soon afterwards, the crossing guards face a growing number of people who only wanted to go to West Berlin to take a quick peek. The guards are overwhelmed by the situation: How are they to respond to the growing crowd? Who shall make decisions when no decisions are forthcoming from the higher-ups?

“Bornholmer Straße”

October 3, 2019, 6:15 pm

University of Winnipeg, Eckhardt Grammate Hall

Supported by German Canadian Congress

Admission: $5 for GCC Members, $10 for non-members.

Reception with refreshments after the movie (included in the price)

Tickets at the door, or reserve by phone 204-989-8300 or by e-mail: info@gccmb.ca

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