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03.07.2024 - Article

We are pleased to once again collaborate with the Lavazza IncluCity Festival at the Distillery District to celebrate the best and most recent of international, Italian and German cinema! This year’s German films include “Weekend Rebels” (Wochenendrebellen) screening on July 7. This a heartfelt story of a father’s quest to support his son with autism find his favourite soccer club, a decision his son will make – but only after he has watched a game from all the teams in the first, second and third Bundesliga. The second film, “Alles Fifty Fifty”, screening on July 11, is a comedy about a divorced couple co-parenting their son – fifty-fifty. While on vacation together in Italy, challenges arise with their son, and the couple must work together to rediscover a happy family life.

As always, these films will be shown in the original German with English subtitles. Please join us for this one-of-a-kind outdoor cinema experience!

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Weekend Rebels

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