Goth Glamour: Highlights from Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024!

Wave-Gothic-Treffen in Leipzig

Wave-Gothic-Treffen in Leipzig, © picture alliance / Eibner-Pressefoto | Jakobs /Eibner-Pressefoto


In May, Leipzig came alive with the 31st Wave-Gotik-Treffen! ūüĖ§‚ú® The city was buzzing with concerts, exhibitions, readings, and lectures across 40 venues, featuring over 200 bands and artists.

One of the standout moments? The Victorian Picnic where attendees dazzled in absolutely marvelous costumes at Clara-Zetkin-Park. The creativity and elegance were truly breathtaking!

Check out some of the stunning costumes from this year's event! ūüĖ§ūüé©ūüĎó

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