German Illustrator and Comic Artist Tobi Dahmen Coming to Vancouver

Tobias Dahmen

Tobias Dahmen, © Karikaturen: Tobias Dahmen


The German Consulate General in Vancouver and the Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives Project are delighted to host German illustrator and author, Tobi Dahmen, for a discussion and reading of his latest graphic novel “Columbusstrasse: Eine Familiengeschichte 1935-1945”.

A family saga during the Second World War

After his father's death, Tobi Dahmen discovered a collection of old family letters. Based on the moving eyewitness accounts from his family, he reconstructed a chronicle of the German war years as reflected in his own personal history. He also reflects upon the German past and questions political and personal responsibility. With sensitivity and meticulous research, Dahmen creates a work of emotional depth and historical relevance.

In his presentation, Dahmen will talk about how the book came about, the process behind it, and the included research and artistic choices involved. He will also read a few passages of the book, presenting the pictures at the same time.

Brief Bio
Tobi Dahmen, born 1971 in Frankfurt/Main, is a German illustrator and comic artist living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is working for various clients and has published a few comic books, including Fahrradmod (2015). Tobi Dahmen has received several awards for his work, including the ICOM Prize for the best short comic and the Red DotDesign Award. He is currently working on a new graphic novel with a Syrian survivor as part of the Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives Project.

The graphic novel Columbusstrasse: Eine Familiengeschichte 1935-1945 is coming out on May 29, 2024 and is available to pre-order online.

Date, time and venue will be announced in our June newsletter.

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