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In order to show that they have sufficient financial means for their stay in Germany, foreign students may be asked to open a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto).

When applying for visa, you can provide evidence that you are able to meet your living costs by opening a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto). You have free choice of provider. To the best of the Consulate General’s knowledge, the following offer blocked accounts in Germany that meet the requirements of the visa procedure.

Deutsche Bank



More information on providers that offer this service worldwide is available on the Federal Foreign Office website

It may also be possible to open a blocked bank account with a bank in the town or city where the applicant will be studying. We recommend contacting the the local bank directly.

Blocked bank account with the Deutsche Bank

Only the German missions abroad are allowed to notarize signatures on the form that the student has to fill out, and they will forward the account documents as well as other requested paperwork directly to the Deutsche Bank. In Canada, the German Consulate Toronto and the German Consulate Vancouver can certify the the applicant's signature on the form. Please make sure to book an appointment under “General Consular Services”.

Please note:

  • The form has to be signed in front of the Consular officer. Do not sign the document before coming to the Consulate.
  • Please make sure you fill in all the information on the form on the computer and follow the instructions given by the Deutsche Bank. Please do not add any information by hand.
  • The Consulate does not check the additional paperwork that you are sending with the form.
  • Please bring a prepaid envelope for sending the form and documents to Germany. You may use Canada Post XPressPost, FedEx, UPS, DHL or other international shipping providers. Please write your own name and address as the sender.
  • The German Consulate is not responsible for loss or damage or the timely arrival of the shipment.

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