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Canadian Driver's License in Germany

You can use your valid Canadian driver's license in Germany for up to six months, if it is accompanied by a certified translation or an international driver's licence.

If you intend to reside in Germany, you can exchange your Canadian license for a German driver's license at the competent authority at the place of your residence in Germany. If you have already held a German license in the past, you should bring this to the attention of the competent clerk in Germany.

Please read the following fact sheet for holders of foreign driving licences from non-EU states on driving licence provisions in the Federal Republic of Germany, published by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. PDF / 171 KB

German Driver's License in Canada

Regulations for driver’s licenses vary according to province or territory.

The German driver's license is recognized in Canada, and can be used for a limited time. However, holders of a German driver's license who intend to stay in Canada for longer must obtain a Canadian driver's license.

To find out more about getting licensed to drive in Canada, visit the website for the motor vehicle licensing agency in your province or territory:


A German license can be transcribed and exchanged for a Canadian license. The German Foreign Mission can issue a driver's license certificate in English language, which is recognized by the province's driver's license offices.

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