Formal obligation for visitors to Germany (“Verpflichtungserklärung”)


In order to show that someone has sufficient financial means to support a stay in Germany, visa applicants may be asked to present a formal letter of financial support.

Visa applicants need to show proof of financial means to finance their trip to and stay in Germany. In some cases, the applicant may be asked to present a formal obligation (also called letter of financial support) signed by the sponsor who pays for the expenses of the visa applicant in Germany.

1. Students in Germany

In order to show that they have sufficient financial means for their stay in Germany, foreign students may be asked to present a formal letter of financial support (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) or to open a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto).

  • Formal letters of support for students in Germany have to be signed at the local aliens' authority (“Ausländerbehörde”) in Germany by a sponsor who has a legal residence in Germany. Letters of financial support for students in Germany cannot be signed at or issued by a German embassy or consulate outside of Germany. If the sponsor does not have a legal residence in Germany, the student will have to open a blocked bank account instead.
  • More information about a blocked account for students

2. Visitors to Germany

If you want to sign a formal letter of support for a visitor visa please note:

  • Booking an appointment for obtaining a sponsor letter does not guarantee its receipt. The Consular officer will decide on a case by case basis - depending on the proof of financial means and living situation presented at the time of the appointment - if a sponsor letter can be issued. If documents are missing or the sponsor is unable to show sufficient financial means, a new appointment may be booked.
  • The financial support letter can only be obtained at the German Consulate in Toronto. The sponsor has to come to the Consulate in person.
  • The sponsor has to sign in front of the Consular officer. The form is only available at the Consulate.
  • If a letter of financial support is issued, the sponsor will receive the original document which visa applicant must present in original at the time of their visa application. A copy remains at the Consulate.

The German Consulate Toronto can issue a letter of financial support for the sponsor if he/she meets the requirements. The Consulate can confirm, but will not assure or prove financial ability of the sponsor, and therefore the letter might not be accepted by the aliens' authority or the embassy/consulate processing the visa application. The certification of the signature of the sponsor on the financial sponsorship letter can only be obtained at the Consulate in Toronto if the sponsor applies in person and presents a valid passport to ensure proper identification.

Please book an appointment for the category 'general consular services' at the German consulate in Toronto.

To obtain a letter of financial support, the following documents are required. An appointment at the Consulate must be booked.

Information about the receiver (the visitor/visa applicant):


Simple copy of their valid passport


Copy of the confirmation of the visa application with file number and location of the visa office

Information about the sponsor:


Valid passport and Canadian Permanent Resident Card or Visa as original with copy


Recent original letter of the employer (not older than 2 weeks) with information about the position, length of employment, termination, monthly income as original with copy


Bank statements for the last 6 months and information about mortgages, bank credits and other debts as original with copy


Tax information, e.g. the last T-4-Slip, last Income Tax Statements as original with copy

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